About Us

KLJ Consulting-

Our mission at Klj Consulting is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients.

Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs.

Through open communication and exceptional service, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Construction Company.

KLJ Consulting is a family owned and operated company with a dedicated and talented group of employees.We have excelled in projects that are time sensitive and out of the norm for most vendors.

Our ability to solve problems in real time and self perform multiple scopes of work allows us to effectively and efficiently complete complex and fast paced projects.

With our diverse background in the industry we are constantly growing and adding to our skill set to better serve our customers.

Working with us

Building A Better Tomorrow, Today!

If you have any construction projects coming up where we may be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to call or request services. We are always ready to help in any way we can.