Why Invest In Preventative Maintenance

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Why Invest In Preventative Maintenance

Top Reasons Your Arizona Loading Dock Should Be Regularly Maintained

If your loading equipment is functioning properly then you most-likely want to keep it that way, right? For many businesses, the loading docks play a vital role in overall operations, yet they seldom receive the attention and care needed to keep equipment in tip-top shape. Routine loading dock maintenance is key to efficiency and longevity in loading dock repair Arizona. Taking preventative steps can help your business avoid a loading dock disaster that may cost you significant time, productivity and money.

Create A Preventative Maintenance Plan

In implementing a preventative maintenance plan, it is imperative that companies have all stakeholders involved in the scheduling process. That’s because team members should know when equipment is due for maintenance in order to plan for the equipment’s loss during working operations. Remember to implement a maintenance plan and work with each team member to ensure the maintenance plan is fulfilled seamlessly.

Door And Entry Checks

You may have a roll-up door, which is also an essential piece of dock equipment. Since the garage door on your warehouse or commercial building gets used often, make sure that everyone knows not to violently slam it open and shut, and request that all door issues get reported. This is for both worker safety and keeping your commercial door in good condition. And of course heavy, constant use can lead to normal wear and tear over time, but you can avoid problems with your garage door with regular maintenance and inspections. Whether manual or motorized, check the sensory system on loading dock doors to ensure it will function properly should someone or something get in the way, and inspect springs, cables, brackets and other attached hardware for damage. Tracks with friction issues may need realignment or just a little adjusting followed by greasing. Broken springs can prove tricky and dangerous.

Trailer Restraints

Trailer restraints are important for helping to keep a truck’s trailer securely in place. Whether the restraints are RIG-dependent (meaning they utilize the trailer’s rear impact guard) or are simple wheel chocks, they should be kept in good condition to avoid problems. For RIG-dependent trailer restraints, the mechanisms for attaching the restraints should be checked for signs of wear, especially any hinges or hydraulic-activated levers (specific mechanisms will vary by make and model). Wheel chocks should be checked for cracks or other signs of imminent breakage.

Hiring An Arizona Dock Maintenance Expert

Please contact a professional to handle spring issues. Quite a few factors determine how often an experienced technician will need to perform preventative maintenance on your dock or garage door. The schedule can vary based on the climate, frequency of usage or age of the equipment. Some maintenance tasks may need to be completed every month, while others services will only need to be performed one or two times per year. An experienced maintenance company will help you craft the perfect maintenance schedule based on the unique needs of your equipment.

KLJ Consulting can provide your facility with a custom Preventative Maintenance solution tailored to fit your unique needs and requirements. Your custom solution will be designed to reduce downtime & loss of production, minimize workflow disruptions, improve overall safety and any other loading dock need that you may have. Call us on 602-698-6922 or visit our website: https://kljconsultingaz.com/loading-dock-repair/ for information.



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